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I sure hope I can figure out how to add a video here because you have to see this! It will sadly be quite a while until I can afford this but it is at the top of my wish list!!


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My gadget loving sickness of course extends to cameras! I am afraid I am a bit of a collector. I should be happy with what I have, the Nikon D90 an excellent camera, I also have the Canon G10 and Canon A480. Then come my film cameras, I have several! This includes a wonderful medium format camera that I should use more! But, the digital camera that I have always wanted in coming out next year and its called the:

Fujifilm FinePix X100!

You see, I love analog dials. I grew up with film cameras and what I have always wanted with digital is to be able to control things like the shutter speed and aperture like we used to b able to in the film days. Word of the x100 came out this year and finally now there is a larger censor digital camera with analog dials! Of course all this means nothing if the picture quality is bad. So I will be carefully watching to see what this cameras picture quality is like and at the same time saving money. If the reviews seem ok then I really want to get this camera!

For an excellent blog on the camera:

and the official website:

(Picture from Fujifilm press release)

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