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Ok, I am a little behind the times but not my much. I just found out that there is a group out their trying to resurrect old style Polaroid. You will need an old Polaroid camera to do this. I myself am looking on Ebay for a reasonably priced camera. I do have a Polaroid, but the one I have is to old, it truly does require film that is no longer made. But the people at the Impossible Project have set out to reproduce that instant film magic by litterally setting up shop in an old Polaroid factory. Here is a little snip from their website:

Due to the fact that the original Polaroid color dyes are not available any more and that there is no chance to reproduce them, the Impossible Project had to start from the very scratch. The Impossible team had one year to completely reinvent a new photographic instant system. Impossible? Almost. But after thousands of experiments and after a million of small steps and a lot of blood, sweat and tears (not to forget the support of many excellent partners) we managed to develop a new Impossible film system.

I’m exited! Ok the film is a little expensive, but so is anything analog these days. Buying film, developing the film, these things cost money! Something like this is worth it me just to play around with. Why not! Here’s hoping I win a cheap auction on Ebay!

Here is the web site:


(Oh and not making any money from this, I am just exited about the idea!)


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