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Over the years I have tried out a number of websites for photo sharing. I struggle with this because I am actually a very private person. I want the world to see my photos, that at least is one reason to take them after all! I have lately been thinking about all of the sites I have tried to show my photos on. Once I start to try out a site I loose interest in that site and then move on to another. The problem is that I know I am contributing to the clutter that is out there on the web.

So I have started  to try and remember the different places I have photos on the web and delete them. I just deleted some galleries I had on photoshop.com. I little while back I canceled my smugmug account. I just canceled my redbubble account and also deleted everything I have on photobucket.  Honestly I am not sure I even remember all the places I have put photos over the last 10 years. Thank god for gmail! If not for gmail I would have forgotten how to even log into these places. But I can search gmail and find my login info really fast!

Obviously I still love photography, and I enjoy taking photos. I consider myself an advanced enthusiast because, while I have sold a couple of images it was never something I made money on in any real sense. I am removing all these scattered images because I just want to simplify. I want to try having my photos all in one place and not like 50!

There is, however, one website I cannot bring myself to remove. Its an old photo blog site that is a record of my attempt to get back into black and white film photography.


The weird thing is that my expressions is no longer taking new people on. The ones like me who had signed up and paid, I think it was $3 a month, now can use the site for free. Maybe I could find a way to copy and paste or record the site offline just for my  own purposes?

As far as the future goes I am not sure what I will do. Should I try out yet another photo sharing site? Should I look into getting my own server space? If I had my own website I could move this blog to wordpress.org and have a photo gallery and this wordpress blog all in one place. Not sure which way I will go! Any thoughts welcome!


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