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Could you do this?

I recently came across on you tube the video of a very dedicated large format photographer. I always thought that it would be cool to have a large format camera. In fact I have one that i never use, its a studio camera though and I do not have the space to set it up at the moment. But I have thought, from time to time, that having a field camera or press camera, like a Speed Graphic, would be great. I love landscape photography and large format film seems to be the way to go for that. But in looking at the very interesting videos made by photog Ben Horne, I now see that I do not have this kind of patience.

Getting up at 4 am, walking miles and miles to scout locations, setting up a shot the day before and coming back in the wee hours of the morning to take it. Not to mention carrying all the equipment around. I greatly admire those who can do this, but I am not sure that I am one! Have look at these videos and see what you think!



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