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I was able to take a few test shots today while waiting for my car to be aligned and have two tires replaced. The bill ended up being $200 dollars! So below you will see a test shot taken with my Olympus Epl-1 and a Sigma 28mm ais lens for nikon. It’s a cheap lens but works ok. I am not sure if its worth the extra trouble since I have to guess at exposure!


Taken with the Epl-1 and Sigma 28mm ais lens



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An article at 43 Rumors is causing quite a bit of debate over the future of Olympus’s imaging (read camera and lenses) future. I tend to see the glass half full and hope that things will work out all right. Why? I love the way Olympus has, over the years, seemed to devote itself to quirky not the norm cameras. Their commitment to 43 in the first place was an odd step. Now they are focusing on M 43. Their art filters are fun, if only in an enthusiast not for professionals kind of way. Most agree that the lenses they do make are great, although the m43 pancake seems to disappoint many.

I guess if I were being realistic I would recognize that their attempts have always been kind of hit and miss. Any when you go into a professional camera shop they are usually not represented well. Here is an example: I went into Richmond Camera (in Virginia) and saw that they had Nikon and Canon products displayed. I asked if they had Olympus items, they said no. Now go to a place like Best Buy and they had the EPL-1 and the Sony NEX 3, and a whole lot of other entry level options. If you want to see an Olympus accessory or lens, forget about it! For that you have to read reviews, hope you have a friend close by that has one, and/or just buy the thing and hope for the best! So for both amateur photogs and also professionals a commitment to Olympus is kind of like being committed in another way (whohoo! lets all go to the loony bin), you have to be prepared to live with an alternative that is not as widely available as the Canikon one.

That having been said I believe in Olympus and do not regret my decision to get the Epl1, but I must admit the price was my main factor when all is said and done. I mean $400 for a great, small, interchangeable lens camera (that has a lot of buttons and is a little annoying to control).

If you want to see the article on Olympus’s future go here:


If you want to see the bruhaha  it caused at dpreview look here:


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Ok, just a few thoughts after having my new Epl-1 for a few days. First of all, the body feels ok, its plastic but its nice enough. The lens however feels like a toy, literally like some kind of cheap lego lens. The pictures I have taken so far seem alright though. I am picking up some test prints on Monday to see what the quality looks like in 5×7. As far as controls go I think the main issue I will have is in using the A, S and M modes. To change the shutter, for example, it seems I have to do a lot of button pressing. Its a pain. Also it is true that it hunts for focus in low light.

Ok, enough of the negatives! The main positive for me is the size and the results I have seen so far. The pictures seem pretty good and the size is fantastic. I see a great future for me in the small micro four thirds format. I love being able to have it in my bag and just pull it out when I want to. I want to slowly build up some lenses and then at some point upgrade the camera to one that has easier controls. So far I plan on getting the 20mm pancake and also the 100 to 300 mm lens, but not any time soon. One other fun thing, I got a cheap adapter so I can play with my Sigma Nikon mount AIS manual lenses!

Here are some shots, mostly testing out the fun art filters!


Grainy Black and White

Pin Hole


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